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Virtual Router

Developer Chris Pietschmann

Virtual Router is a simple little application that lets you create a virtual WiFi spot (a wireless ...

Microsoft Virtual PC

Developer Microsoft

Microsoft Virtual PC is light, simple software that allows you to configure, install and use a highly ...

VirtualDrive Pro

Developer FarStone Technology, Inc.

VirtualDrive Pro is a powerful application that lets you create not only virtual CD and DVD discs ...

Virtual Serial Port Driver

Developer Eltima Software

Virtual Serial Port Driver by Eltima creates virtual COM port pairs in the system. Using these ports serial ...

DVDFab Virtual Drive

Developer Fengtao Software Inc.

DVDFab Virtual Drive is a small and handy tool that lets you create virtual drives which you may use to ...

HW Virtual Serial Port

Developer HW group

HW Virtual Serial Port is a one-of-a-kind piece of software that allows you to emulate an unrestricted virtual serial port driver meant especially ...

gBurner Virtual Drive

Developer Power Software Ltd

gBurner Virtual Drive lets you create and load images of CD/DVD discs. You can create up to 16 virtual drives ...

Virtual Disk Driver

Developer Ken Kato

With Virtual Disk Driver you can mount a VMware virtual disk to your Windows hosts and use them as another disk drive ...

Returnil Virtual System

Developer Returnil

The Returnil Virtual System Personal Edition is a powerful virtualization technology that completely mirrors your ...

Virtual Null Modem

Developer AGG Software

Emulate one or more couples of RS-232 ports connected via null-modem cable.

Virtual Serial Port Kit

Developer FabulaTech, Inc.

Virtual Serial Port Kit creates virtual serial ports and connects each pair of them via a virtual null-modem cable. Serial Port ...

Virtual Drive Creator

Developer J. A. Associates

Virtual Drive Creator is system directory modification tool. It allows you to map certain folders to drive letters for easy access. In other ...

Virtual Modem Pro

Developer Eltima Software

Virtual Modem PRO fully emulates standard hardware modems. It creates software virtual IP-modems and maps them to virtual ...


Developer SysDevSoftware

Manage, create, convert, clone, compact virtual disks of VMWare, Virtual PC, Parallels Workstation. Clone real OS to run ...

Wake-On-LAN Virtual Machine

Developer Alexander Yarovy

Wake-On-LAN Virtual Machine allows to receive Wake-On-LAN magic packets and start up Microsoft Hyper-V, Windows Virtual ...